Time To Turn Around And Fly!!


And the day is finally here,

When she has decided to turn things around..

The decision to replace tensions,

With the aura around….

She gave past a thought,

With smile on face and tears in eyes..

The things that used to bother her,

Immediately crossed her mind..

Blowing as a storm,

They often took her peace away..

This time something was different,

Different was her attitude towards them..

Once upon a time,

She used to believe in things all at once..

With a clear heart,

She always used to pour her thoughts clearly out..

She used to think from heart,

Speak on the face then and there..

Thinking of the life as a crystal clear stage,

She always played her part as given to her..

With a mindset,

Be good and receive good..

She often had to walk over thorns,

Thinking of them as a ramp of flowers…

The time has gone,

So as the worries of the things she used to bother about….

Moments have passed,

But memories have stayed…

Remembering all those experiences,

She comes across ifs and buts…

Taking away the smile from her face,

Leaving behind moisture in her eyes…

After thinking of the entire crowd around,

She has finally decided to give herself a crown…

After dedicating all her time to others in the past,

She has made up her mind to turn around…

Making herself the priority of her own life,

She wants to kick off useless drama from her life…

Freeing from the cage of bygones,

She wants to take a flight in a peaceful sky…

Away from the pointless tensions,

She wants to embrace a peace-packed life…

So the fine day has come when,

She has decided to turn around…

Diverting all the roads of her life,

In the direction of her smile….


Negativity will fade away….


Positivity will shine in her heart’s sky.


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