A Beautiful Soul like You!

It pains me to see you in pain,
It pains me when I realize I can’t do anything for you,
That smile on your face,
Brightens my day..
Your every shedding tear,
Drop me into fear,
When you are cheerful,
Happiness surrounds me..
When you are low,
Sadness controls me..
From your every step to every struggle,
Every hard phase to every accomplishment,
I have seen everything…
I have seen you facing every situation bravely..…
The world knows or not,
They applaud or not,
They accept or not,
I did, I do and always will..
The caring heart you have,
The never-hesitating helping hand you offer,
The pains you take,
Makes you a person,
I am proud to have
❤ ❤

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