The Strong Willed Girl I Know!!


Deep in heart she knows,
The world won’t let her grow easy…
People make her feel,
That the world will always give a chance to others over her…
But still there prevails a hope within her,
That is growing more fierce with every blow of life…

Phases of life don’t let her walk smoothly,
But still she crawls bit by bit…
Life pulls her back every there and now,
But her will uses that pull to bounce back at life…

She often received hard earned happiness,
But never got a chance to fully enjoy it…
The moment she takes a step forward,
Comes across another obstacle already there to stop her…

From the very beginning she knew,
Her life won’t be an easy go…
So step by step she build herself,
Facing every brick like a stone…

Problems and difficulties jam-packed her life,
But she always managed to wipe them out…
Day by day,
Month by month,
She grew…
Grew into a strong beautiful positive girl,
A girl filled with an endless hope,
A strong willed girl I know..

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