I Had A Dream!

Feeling sleepy I,
Laying on my bed,
Thinking about walking alone,
On the roads of life,
With rocks and stones..
I was wondering,
“Was it the result of my deeds”….
Wondering and pondering,
Soon, I slept.
In my sleep,
I dreamt of a life,
Miles away,
A peaceful life,
Which every mind wishes of..
So do I!!
Step by step,
Moment by moment,
Trying hard to get there,
Moving forward I,
Not in terms of hours,
Days or years..
But in the terms of experiences,,
That teach me something every other day,
I found myself.
I was..
Not just going on in life,
But growing in life.
The dream was my reality,
Deep inside my head,
Visible a place,
A place far away….
Clustered into a lot of tomorrow’s
With no worries, tensions
But just a life,
A life, I focus on,
I dream of,
And I want to live!!

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