Life: A Journey!

Crawling on the floor,
Hiding behind the doors,
Never wanting any more,
Such was the childhood,
I spend..and want back..
Now I have grown up..
Everything has changed..
Days have passed,
Moments have become memories,
Childhood is still the time,,
Thoughts of which makes me sway..
But ahhhhh !!
Childhood has faded away..
To a place far, far away..
With every new day,
New dawn to dusk,
New things happen,
New people meet,
They walk with me
And then they leave…
But, life is good,
As long as..
I am doing the things I thought,
I can never do..
And is..
Pursuing my life,
Facing my fears,
With fun and laughter,
With heartache and tears..
Such is a grown up girl lives here in me now..
Searching for happiness..
No matter how near or far..
Dedicated towards never giving up..
Because life is life..
Sometimes it is good,
Sometimes it is bad..
At times I will be happy,
At times I will be sad..

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