Surrounded by the self made walls,

Staying alone without any calls..

People hardly understands, that’s so rude,

So its better I sit, here in Solitude..


The moments I cherished,

The pains that helped me flourish,

Are the treasures,

To ponder in Solitude..


There are the questions,

And the answers..

Reasons and the explanations,

But why to make it known?

It is for me to ponder in Solitude..


There is a whirlpool in me..

A whirlpool of thoughts and emotions…

Waiting deep inside

To come out,

To debate and ponder in Solitude..


The ones I feel closest to,

are the farthest away from me..

while I keep myself distant,

from the ones who are near…


So today I decide

To go back


Sit in Solitude with music to solace.


There are times,


Let Solitude be your guide.


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