Its About You, Not They, Darling..


Another beautiful day , folks. Heyaaaa, Hope all of you are doing great. Well, if not, cheer up, it won’t affect anybody else, but you. You will be the only bearer of this feeling, so my darling get up, you don’t need to feel sad about what any moron thinks about you.

Its not like people are wrong always or you are right always, its about what you or they feel about forgiving. Do they value the relation or prefer to go with an egoistic mindset’. This is a beautiful world, and every single individual will teach you something in life. But its only possible if you open yourself to learning.

They hurt you? Its okay. Forgive them, trust me, it heals, it will heal you from all those wounds you give yourself by thinking about where things went wrong, or what did you do wrong? Alright, I know you have already apologized, but my darling how can you make somebody accept the fact that they weren’t totally right? Not everybody understands that you need two hands to clap.

Oh, gosh, but you can’t do anything about it now. Such an individual won’t understand it ever. You can’t expect a wise decision from a person who thinks he/she is always right, or carries along an attitude that announces, ‘I am this way only’.

Come on, can’t you understand, he/she is not mature enough to keep his/her ways aside and focus on keeping things clear and spreading peace. Do you know what actually, may be they feed their egos by seeing others in pain, despair and want the other person to be on knees all the time.

To all those beautiful people out there crying for such people to stay in their lives, or value such people to an extent that they have done every possible thing to make things clear, understand, understand this fact, ‘the more you will feed the egoistic minds, the more they will seek from you’.

I know this is tough, especially when they mean a lot to you, but what about you? Your own self? How can you stay happy around people with whom you will always stay in a fear that they will leave you. So, for once at least, let them leave you. Worried about that void they will leave behind in your heart? Don’t worry, the magic is you don’t need anybody else to fill that void for you. Love yourself to an extent that the void left by such people ‘overflow’ and ‘blossom’.

So, to make things a bit easy for you, I have jolt down some points for you to read for yourself loudly:

  • Leaving people you love just because you don’t see the same bond from their side or they don’t treat you well anymore, isn’t selfishness, its self-respect. When you can’t respect yourself enough, how can you will ever be able to respect anybody else?
  • So, you already have tears in eyes thinking about how would you survive without them? Come on, are you nuts? Were you dead before they came into your life? Weren’t you living a happy life before? Were there not even a single moment of glee before them? I have the answer, there were millions of happy moments but you aren’t allowing yourself to see those times, now. Give your own heart some space, and let mind roll back those memories in your mind for once, Please.
  • You are beautiful. Appreciate your every move in life.
  • Life is a game, people will come and go, but the game will go on till the time you are alive. So, while you are alive, smile, and make the most of every single moment you have. Its your life, not theirs.
  • Nobody knows you better than you. It was you by your side during every phase of life, not they. Then, how can you feel bad just because somebody you share a deep bond with judged you and took you wrong.

So, are your feeling slight up now? Or, Are you still dug deep inside the emotions surrounding that individual? Don’t do this to yourself. You are beautiful. Give yourself a chance, just a single chance and see what wonders you can do.

Don’t forget,

If you can love somebody to such an extent, how much able you are to love your own self. Feed it into your mind now. Please. Embrace yourself with all of your heart and say, “I love me, no matter what they say”.





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