More Power To You!


Hi people. What’s up? Hope all of you are doing great in life. I know its easy saying ‘I am fine, doing superb, great’, than explaining the inexpressible things and scenarios you are going through. I know they say, share your issues with somebody and you will feel better. But, let me tell you, all this is ‘BULLSHIT’. Don’t you dare to open up your heart in front of anybody, or you will end up getting trapped into a turmoil of emotions.

Its a cycle darling, once you are into it, escape becomes nearly impossible. Oh, but they are very nice to you, they make you feel better by talking to you, or BLAH BLAH and BLAH. Understand, this is nothing more than a sugar-coated trap to win your heart just to destroy you entirely, eventually.

But, oh yes, why would you listen to me, or anybody else burning in this fire? Right, after all you are spending good days with them. Understand, that’s exactly what I am saying, they are making you feel the best to drop you into the worst, from where making a comeback is almost impossible. Its not that I am asking you to stay away from the ones you think care for you.

Its simple, don’t make anybody so important in your life that you end up sounding and becoming lifeless. Never let yourself drain uselessly just because somebody else made you feel unimportant in life. It is painful, trust me, but at the same time it won’t kill you ever.

First, why to put yourself into such a thing, when you know it will bring along pain and self-devastation. Secondly, if you are already into such a scenario, come out of it. I am one of such people always there to give you a hand and pull you out of such a toxic situation.

Nobody is powerful than you, believe me, its all about you. The second you start believing in yourself, you become unstoppable. You don’t have to prove yourself to anybody, just understand your value, the value of the life you are blessed with.

Free your mind from every kind of thought for a moment, get into a silent zone for sometime. The moment you will open your mind, ask yourself who are you? Are others eligible to judge you? Do they REALLY matter? If one day you find yourself all alone somewhere, will you be able to survive or you will just choose to die? I am sure you will choose to survive, and won’t give up. Why? Because, I know you are strong.

You are a rich package of strength, just explore yourself, a bit more. The tough experiences and challenges in life are there to make you realize who you are, and the real power of your own self. Be unstoppable, do what you really want and you will feel the difference between the life you have been living until now and the one you lived while doing what you want, and nobody else wants you to do.

I have pen down some situations in the form of points we all come across at some point of time, and yes I agree we all know the solutions to them but then, like always we choose that comfort of ‘let it be’ over ‘exploring the courage to lift ourselves up and set ourselves free from all that pulling us back and making ourselves weak in any aspect’:

  • Feeling like giving up? Don’t, you just can’t give up, you are stronger than that.
  • Afraid of the fact that if you leave that person you are deeply attached to, he/she will move on normally, then trust me give them a chance to move on, a genuine chance and trust me, if, even for once, they had have a single good thought about you, you will see a comeback from their side soon.
  • For once, set yourself free from all the emotions, and give yourself a chance to be strong.
  • Don’t put your heart on the plate of others, or one day they will definitely drive a folk and knife on it.
  • Instead, at least for one time, appreciate your own self, and see how your body will applaud you with priceless vibes.

The crux is, You are important. Yes, you have read it right. You are important at least for your own self, all you need is to realize it. Summing up the same I would say, Khud ko iss kadar pyaar kr ki kisi ke pyaar ya saath ki aarzoo na reh jaaye’.

Smile, Smile once and something in you will change instantly. Try it, positivity is on its way.




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