I Forgive You, Darling!!


Another beautiful day of life. Cheers. So, I am here once again, this time with an experience most of us have had during some phase of our life. Its true, the reality that the closer you bring somebody to yourself the more you become vulnerable to the pain they can give you in life. You can very well relate to it now, I believe.

The moment you start opening up to somebody, you start moving on the path of your emotional devastation. Yes, you have read it right. The second they realize you have fully devoted yourself into the bond you share with them they start exploiting you mentally, and emotionally. And, the moment they are done with their intentions and have taken full advantage of the bond, they decide to leave.

The thing is they don’t give a reason to leave, but just put all the blame on you and then enjoy the guilt in which you find yourself. They will make you follow them and relish the pain you are in, and at last would simply say, “I am this way only’.

Isn’t that so simple to say, ‘I am this way only’?

This is painful as hell, can torn anybody completely but never forget that there were times you guys smiled together. Cherish them, but accept its over. Cry once, because it hurts but once you are done with crying, ensure you are done with that individual also. No matter what was that individual’s purpose of joining hands with you, understand its done, and he/she has decided to leave. No matter you will always be there for them, because you were genuine and will stay the same. 

Free yourself from such a bond that sucks all the happiness and positivity from your life. Why do you want them to be there for you when you have become aware of their real intentions. I know most of us often choose temporary happiness over long lasting pain that will follow eventually. But, it is not right, it will just suck the self-love from your life.

Pick up every piece of yourself, hold it tight, embrace your hurt self, empower it with self love and decide to get up and rise. Such people are cowards who only know how to fake it. How can you waste your time and thoughts over thinking, “Why did they do this to me”.

Understand it was to happen, may be God wanted to teach you something so that you won’t get hurt in the later life. May be it was God’s way of making you a better and stronger you. Here are some points you must announce to yourself everyday:


  • I am in competition with the self only.
  • Nobody is worthy of making me feel any less of who I am.
  • I am not going to die in the absence of any individual in this life.
  • I am my best friend.
  • I am open to learning.
  • I thank God for every single hurdle I have come across in this life.
  • I understand life isn’t easy, but I am also not less than a strong mountain.
  • Last but not the least, ‘I LOVE MYSELF’.

The life is this way only, either understand its ways and prepare yourself accordingly or keep on doing for people who don’t deserve even 1% of what all you do for the ones you love.

The crux is smile, stay crazy, let the world say what it wants to say, stay aware about the capabilities of those sugar-coated mean people and always forgive them for what they did to you.

“Forgive Yourself For Caring For The Ones Who Don’t Deserve You”.

“Forgive Them For Playing So Well With Your Genuine Care”


Never Forget

‘Forgiveness Brings Peace In Life’.



  1. You captured the essence ! ” The moment you start opening up to somebody, you start moving on the path of your emotional devastation. ” ….. This very line of your writeup covers it all !

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