Then &  Now!!



Then, the days were beautiful,

Now, they are regretful..

Then the memories were under-construction,

Now, they are under-destruction…


Then the respect was there for you,

Now, the respect is still the same..

Then, the care was genuine,

Now, its still genuine…


Then, every good action was real,

Now, every action will be silent..

Then, the bond was loud and highlighted,

Now it will exist, yet will be invisible..


Then, you were special,

Now, you are special…

Then it was a bond where just heart existed,

Now, mind will also accompany the heart.


  1. I appreciate the way you have kept 3 couplets within exception category while sewing the rest of successive lines in each pair of verse with contrast.
    . . . . . Excellent expression!

    Liked by 1 person

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