Always Remember!!


Heya Folks, Morning, a beautiful one guys 🙂 So, how are you doing? All fine or still stuck with the memories of people you cared for, the ones you never thought would leave. You know what, unexpected byes and especially the unexplained ones are the toughest of all.

Don’t worry, I know everything around, be it the places you used to visit together or the songs, gossips, sights you enjoyed together, is going to make things very tough for you but, still you need to clam the volcano erupting in your heart. Come on, you don’t deserve to be a cry baby. You are made for better things like to smile, to enjoy the nature, to love people and to make the most of your life.

I know it isn’t that easy to erase the countless memories you might have knitted in those numbered days. Erasing a memory isn’t a solution, you must cherish that time, but you must not let it impact the present time. They were good, you liked spending time with them but look around darling there are still lots of people out with whom you can create the best memories of your life.

I am not saying, it is easy because it isn’t. Just remember the ones who love you and put in all kinds of efforts just to bring a smile on your face. Why are you punishing them just because somebody else didn’t know your value or made you feel useless. You are special in countless ways. Look around and you will see people the little ones who look up to you. Make sure you inspire them to smile, shine and stay strong.

The world is a trap, the more you will listen and worry about the beings living out there the more you will find yourself in pain. So, why don’t you stop putting the shit on yourself or taking other individuals’ ignorance just because they matter to you. Why?

It doesn’t matter to them whether you are crying or spoiling your time and life over them or have started valuing your own self. So, why don’t you go with the later, darling. Enjoy life.

Its high time know your worth, you are a diamond just in need of getting explored. Explore yourself and one day you will find the world’s best in yourself. Trust me, give yourself a chance, please.

Introduce yourself to the happiest and the best version of yourself and you will never seek any other individual for approval, company, love or friendship. Just for once, look at yourself in the mirror and think about all that you are blessed with in this beautiful life.

Here are some things you can repeat regularly to yourself to pick yourself up if ever you find yourself getting drowned into any kind of emotional mess:

  • Whether the world needs me or not, I need me.
  • I can handle anything in life.
  • All I know is I have never done anything wrong to anybody.
  • I am happy, at least I haven’t played with anybody’s heart.
  • I love my imperfections, all of it.
  • I will never give up.
  • I will always give my best shot.
  • I will be courageous.
  • I am stronger than all the issues bothering me.
  • I love myself.

In the nutshell, you must love the self the God has blessed you with. You are beautiful in your own way, and understand not everybody is going to look at you like that. To some you will always stay ugly, no matter how beautiful you are inside out.

So, stay crazy, do more of weird things, and don’t give a damn to what others think about you. Just cherish yourself, and all that surrounds you.

Keep Smiling 🙂





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