Give Self-Love A Chance, Beautiful!!


Happy Saturday folks. I am here again this time with an experience common to all of us. A struggle we all do in life, a struggle to get some peace of mind for our selves, a struggle to save our heart from those toxic connections, and last but not the least a struggle to love the self God has gifted us in the form of ‘I’.

I guess I can consider that, by now you have realized that the ones you thought or believe you can’t do without in life, aren’t really that important.  With this in mind, I want to say that it’s obvious that there will be times when the wind of memories will touch you hard in your face, making your eye wet but, remember that you don’t have to give those passing showers a permanent place in your life.

In life all you seek is peace of mind, which you can achieve only when you have learnt the art of freeing yourself from the thoughts that ignite the wish of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’.  Accept that was happened was destined to be a part of your life, may be it left some affect on your mindset which you will realize in some time? Or maybe it happened to save you from some worst condition? So, the thing is why think negative about such things when you can think positive also.

There is nothing in this life at which we can’t see at with a positive outlook. But, then why don’t we look at every phase of life, every circumstance, etc with a positive mindset. It matters, matters a lot. Life has given you so much to be thankful for, just look around minutely at every single thing, individual, moment you have in life.

The time you have been investing in cribbing over the things you don’t have in life, or over the people you badly wants in your life, has made you hollow from inside.  Don’t destroy the beautiful you for others, instead, it is the time to heal, to flourish, to fly and to make SMILE happen in life.

For once, keep yourself at the place you have given to other people, who you want in your life. For once, shower all that love, care, and concern on yourself and soon you want need anybody in life to make you happy. Give the keys to your life engine in your hands, please; else you will keep on getting used as mere petrol.

It’s never late in life, if the dedication is true. So, start practicing self-love from now. Here are some things you should never forget in life:

  • I will never give a temporary person or thing a permanent place in my life.
  • I will always give myself a chance.
  • Whether anybody else believes in me or not, I will always believe in the self.
  • Self will never take a back-seat in my life now.
  • I will love nature, life and people but will never let the love for self get fade.

So, the crux is be your own spark. Never let the light and courage deep within get dim. Remember it’s not wrong to love people; the wrong thing is to leave yourself behind. So, create a balance between the love you give others and the love you give to the self.

Last but not the least, smile, hug yourself, and shower the love on yourself that you have been showering unconditionally on others.

It’s time to give yourself some importance in life. Cheers.


One comment

  1. The instinct of always thinking well of others and doing everything keeping good
    of them in mind is grounded on self-love. But if taken so far to the extent of getting addicted to it is very likely to prove self injurious. Your suggestions deserve to be given a try !


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