Road To Ultimate Happiness!!


Hello folks, whats up? How are you doing my lovely readers. There are no real shortcuts to a happy place. I am sure you know that, in fact everybidy knows that, but how many of us really live this life while keeping this fact in our mind?

Hard things lead to beautiful destinations, but still many of us avoid them, crib about every single hurdle that comes in our life. Why? Just because we have make it a habit to crib on petty things. Isn’t it?

Well, I won’t defy the fact that I was one of such people who used to think that shitty things happen in my life only; I used to crib about the hurdles I went through, but do you know what, eventually, lately, I had a realization that such things are important, very important. Don’t trust me? No issues, just rewind your life to those times, the tough phases of your life when you thought to give up, but somehow managed to survive? Didn’t you feel stronger once that phase had passed?

Well, believe it or not, such things happen to introduce you to a stronger you. Don’t shut the door when the God by himself is showing you something better, instead welcome it with open arms. Things might be tough at that time but once you have decided to choose your will and strength over giving up in life, nothing could stop you.

Ditch Judgmental Thinking!!

I am happy that I don’t judge anybody easily. For me, its always early to judge anybody. But,  the world loves to judge. There have been many times in life when I have shed tears, the world around thought I was weak, it judged me as a weak individual just because of the tears that I shed, but there were very few who took time to understand me and realized that the tears were just there to clear my way, and in fact, they were something that made me more of a human. There were just a number of people who understood that I may take time but I always bounce back.

Tears are my buddies that drop in when I am lonely and is going through a tough phase, just to make me feel light, and end up making me stronger every time. Be it, the tears or the silence, the one thing that never leaves my side is the courage to bounce back.

Embrace The Beings As they Are.

Nobody in this world has the right to judge anybody else just because he/she behaves in a particular way. Embrace others the way they are, and respect their individuality. Everybody is different, what matters is they are trying in life and dealing with their life with all of their heart and mind.

Here are some points that you should always tell yourself before you reach on any conclusion in life:

  • Everybody is beautiful.
  • Never fall short of forgiveness.
  • Accept others as they are.
  • Its always early to judge others.
  • Understand what life is trying to teach you.
  • Never give up.
  • Always pick yourself up.
  • You can’t change people, or their judgmental mindset, but you can work on your reaction.
  • Love yourself.
  • Trust your instincts.
  • Don’t forget to smile, ever.

The crux is smile, live your life your way, don’t hurt anybody. If you bump into things that frighten you and make you feel uncomfortable, don’t show your back to them, or such circumstance instead “TAKE THE BULL BY THE HORNS”.

Strength comes from within, never look for it in others. As I always say, give yourself a chance, you can do wonders. When you can give the so called people countless chances just because of an attachment, or one-sided bond, why can’t you give your own self a chance? Think about it.

Till then, more power to you my beautiful people. Spread smiles and stay happy.



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