Life: A Circle


Hi guys, What’s up. How are you all doing this noon? Well, I hope it proves to be a superb day for you. I was just occupied in some tasks and suddenly something came into mind. I want to share it with you all, and want to get as many viewpoints as possible.

So, how many of you think life is mere a circle, and all of us are leading same kinds of life, just the people around are different. Still confused? Let me make it more easy for you. Life is a journey all of us are onto. Eventually, all of us will go through same kinds of circumstances and meet same types of people, just the outlooks are different.

Yes, this is true, although there are times when we feel, “But we didn’t do any wrong to anybody? Then why us?” It happens, happens a lot of times with us. But, you know what, most of the things happen because intentionally or coincidentally we might have done something like that in the past to somebody. Or, the case is that the things you are going through are just the path to a better, stronger and wiser you. Both ways, such scenarios are valid, and the you to whom you will meet after some time in life is the validation of it.

Having believed that life has its own ways and there were, are and will be the bumpy roads, set yourself free and lead the life in exactly the way you want. Don’t ponder over what others think about you, your life, decisions, actions, hobbies or even just the way you are. Come on, its your life, not theirs, so why let them affect the life you are living, the thoughts you are getting in your mind and the feelings that their criticism is giving birth to in your heart.

There are lot of things you can do in your life, which you are definitely going to love. Just look at those things as the one you really want to do in life, and you will find yourself so connected to them, leaving your in a happy and positive zone. Likewise, every day filled with such actions will turn your life into a beautiful journey packed with everything you really want in your life.

Here are some things you should do every day:

  • Think about the ones you are blessed with in life.The ones you know genuinely loves you, like your family, etc.
  • Think about every little thing that ever made you giggle in the past, and you will end up giggling about that giggle.
  • No matter an hour or less, do spend some time in your hobbies everyday.
  • Look in the mirror and appreciate yourself for anything you want.
  • Go outside, look at the sky, the moon, the birds, the greenery around and you fill instantly find yourself more alive and happy.
  • Talk to somebody everyday, it will keep the voids filled.
  • Always pick others up with a word of appreciation.
  • Last but not the least, don’t forget to smile and shine.

So, guys the crux is do what you really want to do in the life. You must have heard, “As You Sow So Shall You Reap”, so make sure you invest your time in actions you won’t regret later.

Smile, stay happy and never let the child in you feel lifeless.



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