What’s Happening?


Perplexed amid the what, why and how,

She is wasting time foolishly..

Longing to reach on a decision,

She has taken hell-lot of time..


Well aware of her potential,

She isn’t finding the right goal to aim at..

With seconds, minutes, hours, days already gone,

She needs to ignite the flame of ambition..


The world has countless opportunities to offer,

Its she who is lacking at making a decision..

The time is passing in the blink of an eye,

While she is just wandering deep in herself.


Just a single set-back,


Like a rubber-band she will bounce back much higher,

Smiling like a crazy at life,

Some serious talk is what all she needs.



  1. Though generally it’s not possible to time the time but by taming the turbulence within with patience, cool mind and introspection , your wisdom can make the storm to pass and enable the tide to take a turn for betterment. .. And this is what the contents of your poem focus on ! 🙂


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