…The ‘Loud’ Silence…


Spanning from that gorgeous mess to a boring innocence,

She is a crystal clear yet quite complicated being,

Tangled in the perspectives of others,

Her mind lanes are too occupied..


With a mind flooding with ideas,

She is not executing them well at all..

Well aware of the value of time,

She is playing poor at setting priorities…


With the ‘gone’ dancing on her ‘today’s’ floor,

She has merely end up as a puppet..

A living puppet,

Experiencing the conflict of mind and the heart..


With the thoughts driving her crazy already,

Her heart is adding to it, recklessly..

Using the pen as a savior,

Its the paper witnessing everything, going inside.




  1. As usual, you have expressed your feelings in words beautifully. … Yet when one steps into a particular zone, language becomes obsolete. Resultantly, what can’t be put into words can only be grasped through silence . 🙂

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