The Universe Is Within….


Calling herself an ambivert,

She lives the definition to the utmost..

With a life packed with moments of all intensities,

The ones wherein she prefers to stay silent,

To the crazy ones, when you can’t keep her mum for a second..


Referring the self as ambitious-yet-stuck,

Sometimes she is seen all tuned to achieve more in life,

And so are the times,

She would love to let the life as it is without giving anything a try..

Truly a roller-coaster ride, you may call.


Having the enthusiasm of a learner,

She doesn’t stop herself from embracing new hobbies,

Be it her all time lovers ‘writing’ and ‘sketching’


The ones she explore every new day,

She makes place for every bit of everything around.


With the intention to give every other thing a chance in life,

She never stays back in giving a shot..

With a will to try new things in life,

She shuns nothing at the face,

Yet finds it hard to target something in particular….


She lives with the belief that,

‘The Universe Is Within’,


Seeks To be challenged to chase something in life.



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