‘You’: Never Really Out Of My Bucket List !!


Have you ever thought about making somebody a part of your bucket list? No, well, lets do something nuts. After pondering for a while on where to lead my life, I have chosen to add somebody into my bucket list and on my way to achieve it, I will conquer everything else, and of-course the individual.

It has never been difficult for me to shower love or care for somebody, who has ever been important to me. I know things won’t work easily, in this case wherein everything goes against the union, I wish to give it another shot.

While, I had already spend or I should say ‘wasted’ hell lot of time on you, why would I let us be apart especially when I have to be with someday, sooner or later. So, why not it be you, I agree, its not gonna be easy, but still, there is something in me that is pushing me to target you in my bucket list.

Agreed, we are the same childish jerks, the innocent fighting duo and also there has come a lot of distance and time between us, but still, for that something pushing me hard, I want to give it a try. I know it would be a one again everybody kind of thing, still I want to try it, because, may be those fights, songs etc. have occupied some space in my life, which I couldn’t vacant for somebody else.




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