The Happy Corner…..


With a rude and sad covering,

There exists a soft hearted being inside..

With so many smiles she exchanges everyday,

Its the luckiest ones who get to see her laugh out loud..


The last time when she acted like a crazy,

When she cribbed for something like a cry baby,

When she annoyed you with every single thing she did,


When she spoke countless meaningless words,

She was really happy, then..


Even with a happy corner right there within,

It takes a lot of efforts for her to show up her happiness,

She isn’t among the ones who expresses happiness loudly..

She just pours her heart out..


With every little thing around,

Be it a pen to a teddy bear making her giggle,

The happy corner in her heart is really unexplored and do blossoms,

She needs to be understood for who she is,

Not judged on her looks or tone..


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