Spread Love, The World Needs It!!


Hi guys, hope you all are doing great in life. So, I am here once again, this time with a sensitive topic. A topic that is dark in a way that people avoid talking about it, they take it lightly. It is unfortunate to see so many people ending their own lives just because of the hustle and the bustle going on in their minds that suck the will to stay alive out of them.

The moment an individual gives up on the self, it becomes essential to make him/her feel loved. But, what we often end up doing is leaving that person on his/her situation. This isn’t the way. You can’t judge a person or compare his/her strength, weakness, tolerance, life struggles etc with anybody else even with yourself.

Next time when somebody tries opening up to you give him/her an ear, and make him/her feel loved. It won’t do any harm to you but can bring a ray of hope into somebody’s life. We can’t dig into somebody’s inside and find out what all mess is going on inside that individual.  But we can always make them feel better.

There is a world darker than the tears and the cries, it’s the world wherein an individual finds himself/herself deep inside a dark hole, with no sun around to give him/her hope.  It might reflect in the form of anger or possessiveness or extreme care, just don’t let it go unnoticed. Not all battles are noticable or visible, you need to look deep inside to see them.

The dark chapter doesn’t bring sadness, it just puts an individual into a situation wherein he/she finds it difficult to see love, care and  especially a reason to not give up on the self and on others. The individual starts feeling afraid of the people around for no valid reason. Even with brimming confidence, he/she feels short of the guts to move forward and lead the life he/she is blessed with.

Never think twice before taking an initiative of lending an ear to somebody. A single gesture of care and affection by you can change somebody’s life. Just show some confidence in such individuals and you will be surprised with the wonders they are capable of doing.

Here are a few reminders we should give to ourselves time and again:

  • A few words of motivation and love won’t cost you anything but can prove game-changer for somebody else.
  • Don’t think twice before asking somebody about how his/her life is going on.
  • If somebody tries to tell you something lend an ear and help him/her come out of that hopeless shell.
  • Smiles are beautiful, share as many smiles as you can.
  • If you find somebody hard to deal with, just give him/her a hug and say ‘Everything will be alright, just trust the timing of life’.

Life is short, make it worthwhile by spreading love, affection and care. Trust me, the world needs it badly.



  1. Agree with your views. Especially the ones who hold fiduciary relationship with such a person shouldn’t disregard these things consciously or unconsciously!


  2. Agree with your views. Especially the ones who hold relationship of trust with such a person shouldn’t disregard these things consciously or unconsciously!


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