More Than Those Paws!!



That wet-wet nose to those twinkling eyes,

That smiling face to the fur ball you make..

You are a bundle of joy,

For the family in which you enter..


Be it your notorious acts,

Or the guilty face you make..

Be it the way you sniff,

Or the hugs and kicks you give..

You aren’t just a being with the paws,

But a heartthrob I never want to loose..


You are the sparkle,

That enlightens our verandas..

An ultimate cribber,

Who keeps our morning schedules on point..

A living alarm with a wagging tale,

Waiting for a hint and all set to play..


People might call you just a dog,

You are the one, who sends love on our way,

You are my favorite fur ball,

A little miracle with beautiful paws ..


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