Risks? Well You Don’t Have A Choice!!


Another morning, cheers guys you made it to this day. Hi, I am here once again with a write up on something we all have had gone through during some phase of our life. There are times in life when we take a move in life and then out of nowhere start doubting it. Don’t forget there is risk in every single thing you do on this Earth. When you aren’t even assured of the ‘very life’ that you are leading then how can you look for assurance or expect risk-free situation or moment in life.

When there is always a first time for everything we do in life, then why fear. Just do it, if you succeed its superb, if you fail, then take it as a learning experience. There were, are and will be times you will question your presence in your existing scenario, it can be the dance class you attend or the job you are working into, but, believe in your moves.

The risks? Darling, they are nothing, but merely chances to grow. Take them, put in all your efforts in the new assignments in hand, the hobbies, etc.  and leave the rest on destiny. Trust me, you won’t be empty handed after taking risks in life, experience is guaranteed, and you know what its experiences that fill our life in all aspects and not money, rest, and materialistic life.

I admit, money is important in life to survive, but darling so are experiences. Never leave yourself behind for anything that life may offer you in the journey. Its ‘you’ who has made life possible for yourself. If you can’t keep yourself happy and satisfied, how can you enjoy on aboard on this Earth? Getting my point.

So, don’t be afraid to experiment, take as many risks as possible, after all the end of the life is going to be the same for everybody. Most importantly if you are afraid of something, try it, try it, and try it again till the time you conquer it. I know heart is a difficult organ to keep calm, but you must lead in life, with mind in the front seat and heart in the backseat. Pamper your heart but never let it shake legs on the dance floor of your mind.

Cheer up buddy, life has so much to offer, be it the beautiful nature, birds, animals or family, friends, etc. Be open to the experiences life is offering you. Here are some points you should remind yourself often:

  • Don’t run away from anything or life will introduce you to the same, the next moment.
  • Open up to learning, at least you can try.
  • Congratulate the self for every little thing or situation you conquer in life. Self-praise is important.
  • Never, I repeat Never compare yourself to anybody else.
  • Don’t let the opinion of others make you feel any little in life. It’s their opinion, and you are living your life not theirs.
  • Loving others is good, but first give your own self a permanent place in your heart.
  • Be grateful to God for this life and the people who really care for you.
  • Look in the mirror and pass yourself a smile, and experience positivity right away.

So, in a nutshell, risks demand to be taken in the life tenure. The biggest risk is not taking one. You can’t expect anything from life without taking any risk. Say yes to risks, give your best shot and leave the rest on destiny. Spread love, you and the world needs it.


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