Permanence: A Mere Illusion


Hi guys, so what’s up, han..? Well, we are right here living another beautiful day. Isn’t that something to be grateful for? I consider myself blessed. I am here again, this time with something you won’t mind reading and pondering over. Everybody knows about the reality of permanence, right? But still when such a situation emerges wherein we are expected to understand the reality, we disappoint our self and the ones around.

No matter how old we become, how many experience we have gone through, we end up taking time, moments, technology, parents, siblings, friends, etc. for granted. This isn’t done when we know the reality of permanence.

The time is here when we should learn to appreciate every little thing around, be it the mobile phone we use, technology we enjoy at our fingertips, time, relations, etc. or we might find the self empty inside. In the practical life, there is nothing like permanent, here. Everything changes, be it the black color of your hair or the lifestyle you are following.

You can’t change this fact but can definitely mold yourself accordingly. Live every moment with a realization that as soon as it will pass, you won’t get it back ever. Embrace the reality that life is lived in the present, in the moments you have right now. When you start living every moment 100% there won’t be any regrets or expectations to be sad about in the future, saving you from the trap of past, then.

Are you afraid of the fact that the beautiful time you are spending will pass and never return? If yes, don’t be. This way you will always keep on missing your present moments in the remembrance of the time that’s gone. Instead, love your present moments to the most, and save them in your heart to cherish lifelong.

If the thoughts still make it to your brain, and suck your happiness, look for productive and beautiful escapes. You can always avoid a thought all you need is a strong will. When you find yourself trapped amid the memories of the past, just start thinking about the food you eat today, or the things you are planning to do tomorrow. The best way is get into a conversation with somebody or divert your thought process towards the hobbies you love. Trust me, it works.

Here are some things you should never forget:

  • Never take anything or anybody for granted or you might get shocked soon.
  • Live in the present because what’s gone won’t return and what is in the future isn’t there yet.
  • Never underestimate the power of a smile.
  • Where there is will there is definitely a way. You might face hurdles on way but the strength to overcome them is right there inside you.
  • Love everybody, you never know when it’s the last time.
  • Most importantly, don’t forget the self, you are the only companion you are going to have till the death bed.

Smile, laugh, never stop yourself from showering love no matter what you get in return, never show you back to any situation, deal with it like a warrior. Don’t forget you are too pretty/too handsome to cry.



One comment

  1. I’ll like to add : “If we have a problem, we should look to ourselves … We’ll get the element of permanence in this respect ! ”

    Well written, as always !


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