Writing: Beloved of mine…


Oh beloved of mine….

As soon as a thought strikes my mind,

The writer in me craves to pen it down…

Typing it on screens is no fun,

The real feel comes when a paper and pen is around….


It is not about keeping notes of thoughts,

Its more about the satisfaction that follows,

The happiness that accompanies beautiful words,


The peace that high vocabulary gives…


It’s about countless things, feelings, that come with writing,

Something non-writers would refer to as ‘vella kaam’,

Something writers can take out time for,

Without even looking at their packed schedules…


To me my beloved is the ultimate healer,

Something that could consume all my pains…

Something that takes it all so silently,

Something that speaks volumes for me,

An ear that never gets tired of knowing me more,

Something I can open my heart to without any worry…

Something I breathe…

Something powerful enough to never let me feel low in life…

That’s how the beloved of mine is…


The aroma of the long-ago written papers,

The smile that widens seeing every new stationery item,

Everything makes you more of my beloved….





  1. Hehe.. nice. “Vella kaam” lol. I’ve seen people getting excited seeing a new pencil or a sharpener, unfortunately, that never happened to me!!

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