Identify your capabilities, and thrive…


Hi guys, Morning, I hope all of you are doing great today. Well, there is something that has been hitting my mind repeatedly in the recent past. How many of you have a habit of belittling your capabilities, knowingly or unknowingly? There must be many, with some not so sure about whether they fall under this category on not.

Well this is highly common. I admit, there are lot of times I find myself dug in this zone. Trust me, therein you start doubting your every achievement no matter how small or big. So, this time I want to share the ‘what, why, how’ of this scenario.

Everybody out there is capable of doing wonders in life, it’s just that they don’t see themselves with their own eyes, instead depend on others’ opinions for the same. We continuously strive for the acceptance, views of others about ourselves. And when we get it, we build an image of ourselves accordingly. This is the step where lies the solution to this heart breaking situation.

Why do we really need the approval of others to live, lead our life and be happy in our life. What we can do the most to satisfy this urge is keep ourselves clear to others around, instead of acting like we need their approval on every move we make.  We have to understand that everybody has a different mindset, past, experiences etc. and thus have different takes or different say about a same situation.

Instead of ruining our time looking for useless approvals and needless formality sake encouragements, we should do the thing which seems correct to us, and encourage us, no matter we succeed or fail because at least we tried.

If you like something, give it a shot. You will meet people, who won’t understand your vision, goal, idea and discourage you. But, you need to tell yourself that you want to do that, and must do that in fact. Either listen to people around and regret later, or listen to your heart and give a shot and achieve contentment.

Give yourself a chance, spend some time with the self and try to read your mind and feel your heart to better understand what you really want from life. You are capable of doing everything you feel for and are dedicated towards.

Here are some practices you must try to do regularly or at least on alternate days:

  • Talk to your inner self, and listen to what it is trying to say.
  • Taking recommendations isn’t wrong, but take the move that looks right to you.
  • Do what you feel is right.
  • Encourage yourself to do better, regularly.

With a hope that you will start finding yourself more capable of doing everything that leave you ‘wow’ or ‘mesmerized’. Happy reading guys, have a superb day. Cheers.


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