Struggle Gracefully!


Hello guys, I hope you all are doing great in life. I was just pondering about struggle, something that is so common yet look uncommon at times. Look around everybody is struggling in one way or another. Struggle is something you just can’t avoid, so why not add a pinch of grace into your struggle. It won’t just look good but will also give goals to many.

I know what’s inside reflects on the outside, but we can always cover up by staying positive and speaking words that sound courageous and hopeful.  A positive person always looks good and possess magnetic charm automatically. Be such a magnet, and you would not just make this life pretty for self but also for the ones around.

Positivity is infectious, and nobody would mind getting infected to such a thing that can give hope even in a hopeless situation. You can dig gems even out of the scenarios that might appear useless. They say it aptly that get up, show up, and look your best every day. The things that are in your reach, keep them fixed and leave the rest on the super power above you.

 Add that flavor of grace into your every move, and your will become an idol for people around. Problems, struggles, they will stay lifelong, so why not befriend them. Accept them, when you have to meet them again and again. Stay sassy and take every move gracefully, and even struggles will give up in front of you.

Here are some things that may help you in taking on struggles gracefully:

  • Now is the best time to act. Live in the present.
  • Struggles are just the different levels of the game called life.
  • Be a doer.
  • Reflect optimism.
  • A Smile won’t cost you anything but can give what you need to feel better.
  • Spread love and positivity. Negativity and dark thoughts will surround you many times, but don’t give them any place in your mind or heart.
  • Choose to shine, no matter how dark it gets around.

With a hope that all of you are set to take on life challenges gracefully, I sign off with a wide smile.



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