Never Give Up !!

In life there are lot of times when we want to give up. Be it a bad relationship, tension at work, health issues, argument with a closed one or any other thing, we jump to giving up very early, which isn’t good. It is something not expected from strong people. But, remember crying at times doesn’t make you any weak, but giving up does.

In life you are never going to stay in a particular zone for long, no matter it’s a happy period or a sad one, both will pass. The only thing that will stay always is change, so better get used to it. You know what, actually all of us know the harsh realities of life very well, but we forget it when comes across such a phase.

We know that what we have today won’t be there tomorrow. The people around us will keep on changing with time. On such a journey called life, God expects a ‘never give up’ spirit from his creatures. Believe me, till the time you don’t give up to a problem or a situation, they remain powerless. So, every time you feel like giving up look out for a ray of hope. Nothing in this life can stand tall for long in front of a person who never gives up. But, alas, ‘giving up’ is the first thing that today’s generation consider when come across a low phase.

You are stronger than you think, and it is something you will realize if you ponder about the tough times that have passed and you have dealt with bravely in the past. So, why do you even think of giving up, when it is the only thing you shouldn’t do in this life’s journey.

The moment you give up your life will give up on you. So, pull up your socks and look at your blessings for once and you will get countless reasons to never give up. But, daring, don’t forget that you and nobody else can take that first step for you.

Life is like a coin, which has both good times and bad times. So, when you can welcome happy times with cheer, and glee why can’t you go through the tough times patiently and strongly? Listen to me very carefully, giving up is the silliest thing you can do in your life. So, don’t you dare give up on yourself ever.

There is immense strength inside you, all you need to do is explore your inner-self. Just start living your life with a never-giving-up attitude, and believe me you will see more blessings in life than problems. It is all about how you see things, the things you choose to focus on and how dedicatedly you want to face every hurdle coming in your way.

So, my darling people, I am here with some amazing reminders that you must give to yourself every day:

  • You are stronger than your problems.
  • Never choose to give up.
  • You are blessed.
  • You won’t take anything in this life for granted. Be it the breath you take, or the mornings you see, be thankful.
  • No matter how dark the world looks, choose to shine.
  • Don’t let anybody be little you.
  • Love yourself.
  • Don’t be afraid of anything in life, you have got just one life so give your best shot.
  • Spread love, lend an ear and smile more.

In a nutshell, giving up should never be your decision. You want to try a thousand times? Go for it, but never ever choose to give up. You should never fall short of ‘try again’ in life. While you focus on all this, don’t forget to smile.

I love you all.

Happy Reading.


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