‘Not Good’

Upset 3d puppet, keeping for a head

Fighting the bygones,

She is missing the present..

Wishing for the time that’s gone,

Today is also slipping from her hand..


For every moment that once made her smile,

Is making her shed a tear today..

Acting stupidly,

She is not cherishing the happy time she had in past,

Instead wanting it to return as it is.


Giving too much importance to a specific phase,

She is belittling the life she has in hand..

With so much she could do in life,

She is sadly limiting the self to a few things and people..


Aware of the traits behind her plight,

She still wants them to stay.

The way a rose stays close to thorns,

She is embracing what not so healthy for her heart..


With a cold war on between her mind and heart,

She is seeking peace with the self..

The mind tells her,

The ways to take control of her life in her hands easily..

But, alas,

The heart doesn’t let her take any action of such kind.


The continuous self-talks,

The if’s and but’s scenarios,

The non-stop self-questioning


The plight she wishes to avoid

Make her feel oh-so unfortunate.


One comment

  1. Is She, the proficient writer/ poet whose inspirational posts we look forward to responding to her now or reacting to her past ? Well, we shouldn’t forget that She too is a human being !
    Good command over content and expression of poetry …… !


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