Why would I love you? 

Hi guys I am here with something every individual out there must have come across or heard about at some point of life. Well, how many of you think people don’t love you? Do you think so? Well, I have a question for you. Do you love yourself? Tell? If yes, then such a thought shouldn’t have come in your mind.

If you ask me if I would love you, my reply will be ‘I can’t say’ or may be a ‘no’. Did my bluntness shock you? Well, darling, my belief is when you don’t love your own self, how can I love you. If I try doing so, then too, what if you end up hating me too, just because I was trying to love you, ‘you’ the one whom you yourself aren’t in love with. Got it. That’s my point, dear. If you don’t love yourself, why would I love you.

There are many people who find the selves cranky at times, and want to get rid of the self, or start drawing ill thoughts. To all such individuals out there, I just want to say, it’s perfectly alright, you aren’t an odd one out or somebody like that. It’s just that start loving your own self. If you find a reason to hurt or hate yourself, think about two such reasons that make you feel confined about the self.

Think about the smile your parents get on their face when they see you. God’s every creature is special in some way. Just trust the being God has made you. Remember the universe is within darling. Cheer up, give yourself a chance.

Here are some things you must do regularly to feel great about the self:

  • Go on a date with self.
  • Pamper yourself.
  • Explore yourself.
  • Remind yourself of the people who are happy just because you exist.
  • Never forget that nobody else can ever take your place in life. You are unique in your own way.

The crux is Why wouldn’t I love you, if I see a person in you who is so much in love with the self. So, darling cheer up, you have got just one life. Live it to the core, fill life in your every moment. Start loving your own self and you will find the life loves you

Keep that smile on your face wide, always.

I love you.

Happy Reading.


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