Choice Is Yours!

Posted @ QUOTEZ.CO
Posted @ QUOTEZ.CO

Doubting your capabilities?

But from where have they originated darling?

Is it that neighbour next door,

Or your senior at work?

Is it the last hurdle you faced,

Or the words of the fellows around?


Think about the root cause,

Think about it…

Eliminate the seed,

Or jam the way to your heart…

What others say or think,

Has nothing to do with who you really are…

Don’t answer the criticism of others,

Instead, invest your time in self-introspection…


Life doesn’t come easy for anybody,

But you can always make it a bit sorted…

Choice is yours,

Give yourself all the power,

The power to control heart,


The power to keep useless thoughts at bay…


Choice is yours,

Either listen to them and crib,


Listen to what you inner-self is trying to say and grow…



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