Happy Teacher’s Day!!


As children we thought,

They hated us…

Now as pass-out grown-ups,

We realize it was actually their love…


The way they used to scold us,

Is missing from our lives now…

Those boring lectures we were tired of, then,

We miss today in the school-named life…


Nobody makes us understand what’s right and what’s wrong,

It was they who spent time on us, then…

Everything we are capable of doing today,

Somewhere reflects the efforts of our lovely teachers…

The ones who helped us always,

Transforming us into flowers from buds…


They were the injections that pained us, then,

But were in fact for our betterment…

 With the time passing by in the blink of an eye,

I take this moment to bow in front of them with respect…


Lovely and learned teachers,

Who helped us become what we are today…

Everybody becomes something in life,

But it takes guidance of excellent teachers like you,

To form good human beings…

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