Never Give up on Yourself!!


Morning guys, how are you doing? It’s a lovely morning, isn’t it? So, today I am here, with something you can relate to in one way or the other. Life isn’t easy, and I am not going to counter it, by calling it any easier. But, we all have those magical powers to make life a little less hard on us.

It all starts with a general question that ‘Have you ever given up on your beautiful self? And it won’t surprise me if your answer is affirmative. Yes, I am not kidding. In the present arena, the first thing people, including me do during a bad phase is ‘start leaving hopes from the self, in fact they don’t mind giving up on selves, which is awful.

Why it is that people always choose themselves to leave hopes from? Why don’t they realize that they are the ones they really had during their life journey so far, and are, in fact the ones going to stay till death with them.

You know what, you are the biggest maker and the destroyer for the self. Think positive and add a pinch of hard-work, dedication, and you will be able to lead a life you always wished for. On the other hand, think negative and you are already on the way to your doom.

When a situation arises wherein you feel shattered, pick ever bit of yourself and unite them with more love and willpower, instead of giving up on them, leaving the self almost lifeless. Nothing can be more beneficial for you than the love, care you give yourself and the faith you have in you.

You are the only asset you have to experiment with. Either grow the self, nourish it with love and motivation or keep on feeding yourself negative thoughts to ultimately end up empty, in all aspects. Remember, the choice is always yours.

I am not saying that staying positive, loving the self will make your life hurdle-free, instead what I am trying to tell you is that with self-love, determination and never-give-up attitude nothing could stop you from doing what you really want to do in life.

Don’t be a wishful person, be a doer, empowered by self-love, confidence and strong willpower. Here are some points you should keep in mind, before you act foolishly and end up giving up on the self:

  • Don’t forget about what all you have achieved so far.
  • Look at your family, which sees a never-giving-up individual in you.
  • A ray of light can fill brightness in a dark room. Just like it, a positive thought is capable of wiping out all the negativity residing in you.
  • You are special in your own way and nobody can take your place in life, just don’t give up ever.
  • Don’t let an ugly phase makes you look the same.
  • Believe in yourself, before blindly trusting others.
  • Life is a gift, don’t let it pass, just for the sake of going through the life. Instead, Live, Love, Laugh, and Inspire.

With these points in your mind, I have a strong intuition that nobody can give up on the self. I love you, and just like me there are many others, including your family, friends, etc. who love you and look up to you. Make sure you give them a reason to smile. So, stay cheerful and positive to spread light into the life of the ones who care for you.


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