Celebrate Yourself!


With life full of beauty around,

Blossom to the utmost…

With so many loving people around,

Choose happiness and don’t let sadness surround…


That little plant in your front yard smiles,

Notice it and t will give you a reason to be happy…

Feel affection in the rain,

And you won’t feel unloved anymore…

Observe the nature, birds,

And they will uplift your sinking spirit…


A sight of love is more beautiful than,

Thousand moments of cribbing…

Try to feel love not hatred,

Kiss positivity and vomit negativity…


Life is too short to drag self,

Instead motivate yourself to live more…

Open up to life’s countless blessings,

And you will be on toes relishing them…


With the power to make things happen,

Why waste yourself over petty issues?

Celebrate yourself,

Treat the self with love, care and affection…


Start looking for beauty and positivity around,


Life will surprise you with magnificent sights.



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