You are the puppet in your own hands!!


Hi guys, Whats up, han..? I hope you are doing great. Well, all of us feel inclined towards a thing or another. But, how many of us do really realize that at the end of the day every inclination, everything is in our hands?

It’s all about your will power, dedication and devotion to something. You want to stop pondering about a particular matter, you can do that. Yes, it’s in your hands completely. Learn the art of distracting your thoughts towards positivity. Once you make up your mind to do something, nothing can stop you from achieving that.

Be it the betrayal from somebody least expected or the workplace battles you are facing, nothing can take a toll on your heart and mind.  It’s all about you. Don’t believe me? Let’s prove it right away.  For example, there is a position you want to achieve in your life but unfortunately your foe has got the same, what will you do? There are two reactions to every situation you face in life. Either you will feel disappointed from the self, but at the same time will ignite the fire within you to achieve your goals sooner or later. Or, the moment you know about it, you will start cribbing, comparing badly, questioning God, land in the low zone, and decide to give up. See, both the situations will be ultimately led by you.

 So, when it’s you who has to ultimately take decisions, make moves, and act, then why let what others saying, doing or achieving in life bother you in any way. Respect your peace of mind, acknowledge your actions, and always think about the possibilities in the situations of life.

The moment you dedicatedly decide to do something in life, nothing could throw you out of the path. No matter how many hurdles, moments of despair, competition, etc. come in your way, you will still stay determined to achieve what you are aiming at.

So, lead your life in your way. Never let anything or anybody belittle you or your efforts. Remember at the end of the day, you must be answerable to yourself only.

Here are some crisp reminders, to keep you uplifted:

  • The life you are living is yours, not anybody else’s.
  • You are happy or sad, nobody cares. So, why not stay happy.
  • Treat yourself well and the world will follow the trend.
  • Never doubt your capabilities as you can do much more than you every could imagine.
  • Dominate your life or somebody else would do it.
  • God has given you a mind and heart to think and feel, so don’t rely on others’ mind or heart to take your life decisions.

The crux is lead your life the way you want. You are responsible for every move you make, how you feel, and how you react. So, do it seamlessly with all of your heart.

Happy Reading.


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