Embrace Uncertainty Effortlessly!


Hi guys, have you ever taken a step back from doing something in life just because of the fear of the unknown or uncertain? I know it’s something, we all have done, we do, and will keep on doing once in a while. But, what if you embrace uncertainty. Come on, tickle your mind cells. So, out of nowhere, your mind has stopped thinking suddenly? Don’t worry, hang on, I can help.

Just remember that life is uncertain and the sooner you will realize this fact, easier the life will become. Embracing uncertainty isn’t difficult at all. Keep your life aligned to the reality of life, and uncertainty won’t affect you in any way.

The first thing you can do in this direction is to reframe imperfections. Yes, this is the thing that can bring you closer to the realization of uncertainty. Uncertainty exists in every aspect of life but what is important is your faith and belief in you.

Wear the coat of confidence and self-faith, and embrace uncertainty so tightly that it disappears. When you take steps with confidence in self, and a positive mindset, things happen your way. Even if they don’t happen instantly, the scenario soon turns in your favor.

Can you tell me the definition of risks? Your take on it. Well, if you ask me the same thing, my answer would be: Risks are beautiful, they bring along the feeling of nervousness and curiosity at the same time, which work as a driving force for you to drive yourself to do something, accomplish your goals, and fulfill your bucket list.

You know what, you have to jump out of your comfort zone into the learning zone, which is only possible if you are ready to take risks. Rethink risks, do what you must do for your overall growth. How can you feel alive without taking risks, leading a stagnant life, doing the same stuff in your comfy corner, with no challenges to overcome? Think about it, genuinely.

Another essential thing to embrace uncertainty is stop seeking approval from others. Have you ever noticed that when you are so determined to do something but you seek approval from somebody, your decision automatically shifts from certain to uncertain? Whose loss is it, dear? Yours and yours only.

Life is yours, so lead it your way. Take uncertainty in positive light. When you know life is uncertain, then what are you afraid of, there are 50/50 chance of occurrence and non-occurrence of anything and everything. Here are some reminders that will help you embrace uncertainty elegantly and easily:

  • What is to happen will happen, focus on giving your best shot.
  • Faith is the key to unlock uncertainty.
  • Your defeat is as much uncertain as your victory. So, at least try.
  • See the positive side of uncertainty.
  • Uncertainty in life makes life’s surprises possible.
  • Why worry when everything is so uncertain and the life you are leading is unpredictable.
  • Look in the mirror, flirt with the self, and one thing I assure you that you will smile back, feel relieved no matter how pained or broken you were.

The crux is when everything around is so uncertain, why even bother about anything then. Destiny isn’t in anybody’s hands you can only try getting a fruitful destiny with your continued efforts.

So, set yourself free from the web of certainty and uncertainty, and focus on making the most of everything life serves you with.

Happy Reading.



  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I feel like it’s an innate thing for humans to seek approval from others so we can fit in but overcoming that and learning to give your own decisions approval replaces uncertainty with conviction. Thank you for this uplifting write up.

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