Ego Is The Key To Drama In Your Relationships!


Hi Guys, how are you doing? Well, this lovely day I am here to discuss something we have a realization about but when the time comes, we just end up reacting in disastrous ways. Wondering what? Don’t worry; I am not going to keep it a surprise. Let’s get started.

You know what, relationships are beautiful and hold a huge chunk of our life. A single close relationship with anybody, be it your partner, friend, parents, siblings, anybody, can control your life. A closely-knit relationship is capable of taking you on a roller-coaster ride, if goes wrong. So, with this, I am talking about what exactly ruins a relationship meant to stay life long? Any guesses?

Darling, of course it’s not the three word thing, instead a three alphabet word, ‘EGO’. Ego can suck all the love and affection out of your life. Don’t believe me? Just think about the time in the past when you had a serious argument or fight with somebody close? The cause could be anything but what took you guys too long to reconcile, ‘wasn’t it the thing that who will talk or apologize first’. Am I wrong? I don’t think so, because somewhere it’s the ego only that suffocates a flourishing and heavenly relationship.

Ego, the three-alphabet killer word isn’t really meant to stay in your life. The sooner you kick it out of your life, the better your life will become. Never give your ego a chance to come in-between a heart-to-heart talks or bonds.

The problem is we don’t realize when the ego makes an entry into our conversation, and by the time with notice it, it’s too late. I agree we often want to keep our ego mum, but somehow end up saying what we should avoid.

Don’t be disheartened darling, when the life gives your lemon, make sure you make refreshing lemonade out of it, and enjoy it. Just like that, even if you end up ruining your relationship or any kind of close bond, don’t think twice before reconciling. No matter who was wrong you or your buddy, friend or any close individual you had a fight with, don’t let your ego take the front seat and drive your mind crazy. Instead, keep ego aside, admit your fault if you are wrong. Even if you haven’t done anything worth apologizing, don’t forget it’s about the relationship or bond you have been cherishing all long, so far.

Life is to shower love, share the journey, so why let ego ruin it. Love, laugh and make the most of your life with your people. Here are some reminders to help you keep ego aside:

  • Ego is a killer not a life saver. It hasn’t done any good to anybody ever.
  • Keeping ego aside can help you save a priceless relationship.
  • During tough relationship phase, remember all the happy moments you had spent together.
  • Come on, just hug that person, and say ‘Stupid, I love you, and can’t let our bond get ruin because of silly ego’.
  • Don’t miss a chance to say how important or special somebody is for you.
  • A pinch of love along with a bit of apologetic behavior can save your priceless relationships.
  • Love conquers, remember.

So, the crux is live life to the fullest with the people you love. Don’t let them leave you or allow yourself to leave them because of ego. It isn’t worth it, believe me. Ego is the last thing to depend on.   Spread love and happiness.

Happy Reading.



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