Learn to command yourself!


Hi guys this life is everything between the mind and the heart. Either it’s the mind or the heart behind all the moves you make. Besides pumping blood in your body and beating, the heart often indulges into the matters in which the mind should be the driver.

Amid the battle between the heart and the mind, it is often the smile and happiness that give up. All of us have seen times when we have had prepared ourselves properly to stay calm and firm in a situation, but end up breaking down just because of heart’s intrusion in the matter.

Life isn’t really to live with heart in the front seat and mind on the backseat, or you might end up betrayed, used, played, exploited and ultimately depressed. Please, understand that not all people you meet have the same kind of nature and heart, like yours.

Though there isn’t any cure to the miseries created by the heart but still you can avoid a lot of fuss by making your heart listen. I agree, you can’t just order your heart to do something, and even if you do your heart won’t listen.

What you can do is, act like you don’t have a heart. You have to ignore your heart to save your mind and body from a disastrous havoc. Make your heart listen by making it non-existent for the self, at times.

I know the heart acts in unpredictable ways and it is nearly impossible to anticipate the heart’s reaction to a situation, but we can always take precautions. It isn’t that difficult and totally depends on your will-power.

Think about a couple of scenarios that motivate you, introduce you to your self-worth, push you to achieve more in life, drive passion in you, etc. Keep them as draft copies in your mind and whenever you are going to face a situation wherein you want the least possible intrusion of heart or wherein you want your heart to stay at-ease and at bay.

It can be anything, be it the time when you class teacher praised you for doing well in something, or your parents told you how much you mean to them, or a positive scenario that made you feel like life is really beautiful.

With such scenarios in your mind, you can always keep yourself all set to face a situation that is expected to take a toll on you. Well, nobody is perfect in doing this, but anybody can give it a try. With this, her I go with some pointers that you should never forget:

  • Self-control is must.
  • You can do it.
  • Heart does what you say. So, learn to command you heart.
  • There is a way, always.
  • Create the right synchronization of the heart and the brain to keep fuss at bay.
  • Not everybody deserves to know how you feel.
  • You can’t make somebody yours.
  • Love yourself.
  • Try to give your mind some time before your heart just bump into a conclusion.

The crux is both the heart and the mind are essential but they can’t just perform at each-other’s place. So, learn to decide which situation is meant for the heart and which for the mind. Keeping heart at bay isn’t easy, but you can make it happen by distracting it.

Happy Reading.


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