Love yourself !!


Be yourself,

Love the way you are…

Accept yourself fully,



With such a mindset in life,

Nothing could make you feel any low in life…

When love of others can make you feel so good,

Wonder, what self-love can do…


People are just some characters,

They play their part in your life,

And as soon as it ends,

They leave…

But, guess who stays behind?

You darling…


You can better take place of anybody and everybody in your life,

You are the ultimate motivator for the self,

The ultimate healer,

The kind of lover you need to conquer anything in life…


Love yourself to the core,

Make every bit of the self feel loved,

Well-cared, pampered and valued…


Reach on the peak of self-love,


The tables will turn around,

Life will be prettier,

Better, calmer, and more blessed.



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