Get Over ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ !!


Hi guys, what’s up han? Well, I am here with something with which all of us are suffering from, in one way or the other. We stop our-self from doing a lot of things just out of the fear of what others will say, how the society will react, and things like that. But, it’s the high time to get over this silly fear.

In life, we can do wonders, but it’s the fear of others that stops us from leading in life. You never know, you could have been much more than what you are today, but you are not, why? Because, you were more bothered about others, when it was the right time to act. Still, it’s not too late. Even if you decide to start leading your life in a new way, now, without spending a single thought on what others are saying, you can bring a wonderful change in your life.

The world is full of people, some are genuine, understanding and non-judgmental, while others are gossip-mongers, highly-judgmental and sick-minded. When you have so many types of people around, how can you fulfill everybody’s will? Instead, as I always say ‘the universe is within’, so, why not explore your own potential and shine. Have you ever wondered, what is your benefit in paying attention to what others say or do? Think about it.

Let me tell you, there is nothing worth in doing what everybody else want you to do. Listen to your heart, feel your vibes, and do what you really want to do in life, so that when you reach the last stage of life and look back, then, you won’t meet regrets. Fill your bucket of life with moments, lived dreams, passion, happiness and everything you ever dreamt of.

I am not telling you to boycott what your family, friends or close-ones say. All that I mean is you don’t have to lead life as per others guidelines. Listen to what they say but do what you really want to do. Fulfilling everybody’s wishes or listening to everything people around you say isn’t worth your peace of mind and above all, your life.

Everybody has a different mind-set, thinking process, experienced different scenarios, etc. So, there is no point of you doing what others say.

Here are some reminders to motivate you to get over, ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ thing:

  • Life is yours, not anybody else’s.
  • Not every suggestion you get is worth following.
  • Stay away from peace suckers and the ones who radiate negative vibes.
  • Prioritize yourself.
  • Don’t let anybody stay in your mind or heart for long, if the only thing they are doing therein is making you empty.
  • Smile or cry, in both cases people will have something to say. So, why not smile and stay happy.
  • Don’t forget, you are beautiful in your way, cherish yourself.

The crux is “log kya kahenge” is none of your business. Trust me, the sooner you will realize it, the better your life will become. Lead life with full enthusiasm, let your passion and nothing else drive you, and yes, life is yours make the most of it, love, laugh, respect, smile, work, and yes, LIVE.

Happy Reading.



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