Be the magic!!

Magic Dust 2

Hi guys, how are you doing? Guess what, I have a baffling yet interesting question for you. Do you believe in magic? Or should I ask, do you want to be the magic? You must be thinking ‘Have I gone mad’ or things like that, right? Chill readers, neither I have gone mad, nor I am drunk. Trust me, you can be the magic you see or want to see. The magic, herein, might be of different kind but is magic, and possess powers, the unseen ones.

You must be wondering how come you be the magic? Right? Well, magic is something that makes you feel good and seeing which the line on your lips widens, lighting your face with a broad beautiful smile. Be the magic for the self and everybody around. You don’t have to cover any extra miles or break stones.

You just have to feel the magic to be the magic. Transform the sad face of the ones you love, including yourself, into giggling, happy face, that’s magic. You don’t need any tools, weapons or armor to do that. You are sufficient to be the Santa Claus. A single smile won’t cost you anything but you never know the wonders it can do in the life of the ones you pass it on to.

Be the magic by becoming sunshine in others as well as your own life. Even if you will give merely some seconds to others and the self, they will be more than enough for adding a pinch of happiness in life.

Magic is something that surprises you and adds the ‘wow’ factor into life. So, why not be the magic. Surprise humans with the love they deserve, the care they are blessed with and the life which they aren’t living to the fullest. Just call a per, your dog, cat or any other pet politely, affectionately and that wagging tail or the happy face that you will encounter soon after, will take you on the cloud 9.

For once try to bring a smile on any person’s face and trust me, you will get my point. The smile on the face of that individual will make you feel out of the world. What do you call such an instant mood lifting? Obviously, its magic and the one who made it happen, the magician: it’s you.

So, for once think of yourself as a magician and you will automatically find yourself empowered with the tools and ways enough to make you feel the magic and spread magic.
Isn’t it magical that a single thought can change the way you feel? Who is the thinker here? Of course, you. So, who is the magician here, of course you, my dear reader.

Here are some ways to help you realize that you are magic:

  • Oh, so there is a person in your workplace who always stays serious. Why don’t you talk to him/her, share the issue, and leave him/her in a happy zone?
  • Feeling low today? And, oh shit, its morning and you don’t want to spend your entire day like this. Don’t worry, go in front of the mirror, look at yourself and remind yourself of what you have, and jolt down what you are looking forward to do today.
  • Spend some time with your aging parents, the person in your locality who always look so lonely, or that friend of yours who has lost a closed one recently. It matters.
  • Smile, laugh, share, and above all, live.

Nothing could match the happiness and satisfaction one feels after making the self or anybody else happy or light in life. Believe me, and if you don’t, try it now.

Happy Reading.

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