‘Just Another Being’


With sparkle in her eyes,

Curiosity in her mind,

She empowers her wings with her smile…


With a mindset to uplift others,

Seeing somebody treated badly pains her…

Always up to take a stand for the right,

She often forgets everybody isn’t like her…


If she knows how to breakdown,

Its she only, who also knows how to pick the self up…

Aware of her emotions well,

She keeps the self prepared for a fightback…


With a promise to the self,

She never chooses to give up…

Even if she reaches on the verge of giving up,

She bounces back from the irreversible…


With a never-giving-up spirit,

She drives into the future…

Determined to live her hobbies,

It’s her hobbies that often stay by her side…


With an aim to lessen pain in the world,

She tries to uplift the people around…

Talking, giggling, sharing and kidding,

She tries her best at hiding her heart.


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