Falling Short of Contentment!!


Emerging from the absence of contentment,

The restlessness is driving her crazy…

With the realization of the capabilities,

She wants to make many things happen.


That contentment in the things she used to experience previously,

Isn’t there anymore to lift her up…

Having realized the value of time lately,

She wants to make the most of what she has in hand…

But, not everything desired is served to you in life…

Unafraid to put-in countless efforts,

She finds herself confined in the shackles she can’t name…


With a desire and determination to do a lot more in life,

There is something that cuts her wings…

Be it the nature of thinking from heart,


The absence of excessive self-faith and self-love,

She often finds the self at the suffering end…


Irrespective of the risk of losing her free-time,

With a habit to never-give up,

She seeks contentment in life by pushing her hard…

And, she just tries, tries and tries…


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