Every Part Has A Story…


It is paining her to realize the opportunities she didn’t take in the past,

The thought of what she could have done in life is tripping her apart,

Having done quite a little much in life so far,

She is still finding herself nothing more than a failure…


Shattered by the thought of If only’s,

Her broken pieces are making rounds around her eyes…

Sitting in her favorite corner,

She is listening to the story of her every broken part…


Every part has something different to say,

Listening to each one of them she is drowning in the self-hate…

On the verge of hating the self for all chances she didn’t take,

Anger is dancing on the stage of her mind on the tunes of her heartbreak….


With her mind trying to pick up her heart,

It’s her heart finding it too tough to believe in the self….

Amid the blues,

It is a powerful ray of hope all she needs…


Being a follower of Durga,

She looks in the eyes of the powerful,

Chanting the chalisa,

It’s the strength and never-give up spirit she asks for…


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