She Chooses Silence!


Her powerful words suddenly started sounding so weak,

The ones around couldn’t see the spark in her voice anymore,

Pained to see her ‘sayings’ taken for granted,

She chooses to embrace silence like never before…

Finding her sayings and talks meaningless for others,

She picks her silence as sword…

Being the arsenal of positivity,

It pained her to find others considering her so negative and weak…

With a decision to disappear for a while,

She wants the solace and silence to empower her…

With an aim to make the self unstoppable,

She decides to dive into the ocean of excessive learning and self-care…

With people acting so judgmental,

She tries to transform her heart of gold into an unbreakable stone…

Making pain an antidote to her partial efforts,

She is determined to hit the ground powerfully…


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