Power Of Thoughts!


Hi guys, how are you doing? Well, it’s been long that I have penned down a write up (Article). So, here I am all set to go ahead with a motivational piece. Last week, life didn’t treat me that good. Initially I cribbed, I was literally like ‘I am October baby, and how can this month-start be so hard on me? But then somebody mine, my twin sister motivated me. And, guess what, next morning, the moment negativity marched towards me, I fought back all at once with a single positive thought. Can you believe this, a single thought saved me from the flood of negativity. It was, “I CAN DO THIS, I AM BIGGER THAN SUCH CIRCUMSTANCES”. Such is the power of thoughts that exist in our head.

This instance introduced me to the super-power I possess. The power to deal with any kind of situation the way I want. I recalled how I wasted a lot of time by merely thinking unnecessarily. I noticed that if I think about the efforts I have been doing, the little achievements I have got in life or how I have made people smile, it pumped me up, landing me into a happy zone. On the other side, I realized that whenever I think of myself as incapable, or feel pity about the self, and most importantly when I start comparing myself to others, my world turns upside down. Comparison ruins everything. You can’t lead a happy life with a habit of comparing yourself to others.

Moreover, if you can’t avoid comparing, then, how about comparing the self with the ones who aren’t as blessed as you are. Think about them also. Why is it that we always think about how somebody else has something that we don’t have, or things like that? WHY? Everybody gets his/her share of troubles in life, so there is no point in comparison.

After the aforementioned instance, I spent some time alone with the self and asked the self about why I never think about what I have in life, and feel gratified; but instead always up to think about how somebody else is luckier than me, or why I don’t have the same luck that somebody else has, why?

After a short self-analysis I recalled different chapters of my life and thanked God for all that he has blessed me with. So, the crux is life is not a stage for comparison, it is a platform to polish the self and make the most of the journey. Life is a wide sky and all of us are stars who twinkle. Thus, no matter what the situation is, don’t forget to shine. There will be days when you can’t see the shine, for such days, remember, you can’t see stars in daytime. Thus, take every dark phase as an opportunity, wherein you can shine more.

In a nutshell, project your thoughts in the positive direction, and all you will find is a world full of opportunities and possibilities. Just remember:

  • Life is what you make it.
  • You are responsible for what you feel or do.
  • Take the control of your mind in your hands.
  • There is nothing you can’t give a shot for.
  • Happiness is a choice. Think happy, be happy.

With this, it’s the time to bid adieu for now. Till next time, let positivity roll in.

Happy Reading.



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