Put your positive pants on!


Hi guys, long time. I hope you all are doing great in life. Well, today I am going to discuss a scenario all of us come across in life, at times. Well, life do give lemons, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be good. What all matters is our outlook.

The winter is here, and feeling ‘cold’ is obvious. To stay in touch with warmth and happiness you must keep your positive pants on. The winters bring along shorter days, gloomy ambiance, a bucket full of laziness and what not to make you fall in the trap of negativity. But, don’t you dare to go that way, instead put on your positive pants and dance like the winter is your red carpet and you are on your way to make people skip heartbeats.

While you wear layers of comfy, warm gorgeous pullovers and sweaters, don’t forget to wear your positive pants on. Positivity is the tonic that’s going to take you a long way. Step into a happy journey by travelling on positive wheels. It matters, matters to an extent you won’t realize until you experience it first-handedly.

Comfort your cold self, with the warmth that follows positive vibes. Have you ever lived moments wherein you are all content with what you have, wherein the positivity overflows your heart and mind, and happiness reflects in your actions and on your face? I am sure you must have been through such times, not once or twice, but huge number of times. So, why not attract such moments by becoming a positivity magnet.

A single positive mind is capable of destroying a huge palace of negativity just like the capability of an ant in front of an elephant. You don’t need to take any training or something like that. All you have to do is focus on the positive side, lead with a positive outlook and spread positivity wherever you go.

Fall in love with positivity, it won’t ditch you ever. It might give you lessons at times, but will always hold your hand tightly during storms, empowering you to stay tall and strong. Those positive vibes carry along the warmth you need to ignite your soul to give best shot at every phase of life.

What an individual seeks in life? You might come up saying “money”, “fame” etc. but let me tell you that you are highly mistaken here. Its contentment, satisfaction that bring peace and happiness in life. You might have seen ultra-rich people who can buy anything in life but are in reality not happy. Something is eating them inside, leaving them hollow. Similarly, there are people who lead ‘hand to mouth’ life, but are content in life. They lead life with a heart that is big enough to help others, and are always up to share their stuff with the needy, with the ones who are poorer than them. Such people work, and it is their positive outlook towards life that rolls in never-giving-up spirit in them.

I want you to put on your positive pants, as its winters already. Though this isn’t limited to this weather only. So, come on guys, let’s take the ‘bull by the horns’. Here are some pointers to help you keep your positive ‘PANTS ON’ as long as possible.

  • You get just one life, lead it positively and you will see countless possibilities.
  • There is something positive in every situation you come across in life. All you need is a will to find it.
  • Positivity is beautiful, embrace it, and it will shower happiness on you.
  • Taste happiness, sip optimism and feel the beauty of life.
  • Life never becomes easy, but a positive outlook towards it definitely makes you prepared for everything you might come across.

In a nutshell, guys, you are beautiful and trust me tensions and sadness don’t look good on you at all. They are the termites that will for sure leave you hollow. So, stay away from such silent killers, instead date positivity.

Stay happy, keep smiling.

Happy Reading.


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