I am the heart, she is the beat!


Entering into the life together,

We always had another half.…

As infants we shared mute conversations,

With age they took the form of loud chit chats and fights….

Together we make life completer than usual,


Keeping the tradition of most of the twins on,

Telepathy prevails between us…

That connection of one feeling sad,


Other automatically feeling low unknowingly,

That sense of sharing so many things in common,

Makes us a puzzle needing both of us to complete…


With a twin in this journey,

Life is double the fun, emotions and love…

Be it the double cakes on our birthdays,

Or the birthday-calls’ sharing,

Every bit of twinning brings us closer to us….


Afraid of the time flying at such a fast pace,

We don’t miss any chance to celebrate this twin-hood…

Aware of the distances meant to come in future,

We are lucky to be connected strongly at hearts…


One comment

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