No I Won’t?


Hi Guys, I hope you are keeping well. Today I am here with a query for you that is, what will you do if I ask you to prioritize somebody else than yourself? Would you choose yourself or prioritize somebody else?

If you had asked me this question a few days back, my answer would have been choosing others over my own self, but now it’s different. It was my birthday yesterday, and I spend a piece of my birthday in thinking about what I am doing with my life. And believe me, in no time I found that it took me 25 years to realize that “Prioritizing self is important to keep expectations and sadness away. So, now if you ask me the question, I would say, “No, I won’t”.

Having this thing in mind, I pondered about the past and felt that the things would have been completely different if I had myself on the top of my priority list. When you prioritize self, then the scope of sadness, shattered expectations etc. disappears right away.

The main thing which one should understand is that leaving the self behind or serving somebody else won’t get you flowers. You should make yourself the root of every feeling you go through or the situations you get to deal, or you would be left paying the tax for somebody else living in your mind and heart. Don’t surround your life around somebody else, instead prioritize self.

Nobody can keep you happy, if you can’t do that for yourself. An individual is enough to keep the self happy, all it takes is art of loving self. Own yourself and feel proud of who are you. Here, I have jot down some reasons why you must date your own self and work on impressing self but nobody else:

  • You are the only one going to be with you till eternity.
  • Nobody can do anything for you, if you refuse to hold hands with self.
  • You are never lonely, if you have yourself by your side.
  • Take proper care of yourself and happiness will take over your heart and mind.
  • It’s your life and you must be the most important person for self.
  • Nobody else can make you happier that you & the reverse is also true.
  • Embrace yourself with love and life will hug you in all positive ways.


So, guys, before you serve yourself on platter to somebody else, think about your stomach. How can you make yourself feel full, if all you have is hollowness inside? Feed love, care, affection and time to self, and you won’t disappoint yourself ever.

Happy Reading.



  1. First thing that caught my eye reading this one, is you were doing some deep introspective thinking on the day after your birthday…mile stone one at that! Happy belated 25th birthday! I too have a mile stone birthday next week…I am turning 60. I remember talking with an old man who I worked with when I was 16….I’m guessing he was 65… I asked him what it felt like to be his age?…never forgot his answer…He told me inside there still lived a little boy…so much truth to that. As far as your topic here, about making others vs. yourself a priority….it’s all about finding a balance for me…took me until I was mid 30’s to get to the place where I understood the importance of self care, boundaries, etc. I was a people pleaser,,,, had a very hard time telling the authority figures in my life “no.” Appreciate that you are a thinker…understand the interplay between self esteem, self care, boundaries, etc. Later! DM

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    • Thanks a ton Sir, and Best Wishes for your upcoming 60th birthday. Age is just a number, as one can never grow old with a kid at heart. Cheers to the beautiful moments waiting for you in life. Thank you so much for all the encouragement, it means a lot. Thank you. Regards- Kavya 🙂

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