Discrimination Is Unacceptable!

Hi Guys, how are you doing? I am sure you are doing great in life. Well, here I am today with something that exists in abundance in this world. I am talking about discrimination. There are a lot of people out there facing this big issue in their lives. It is not at all right to practice discrimination of any kind.

I am sure, you might have seen this happening many times in life, but I would like to ask you, have you ever taken a stand for something? Chances are, the answer is no. Why? Because in this world, there are very few people ready to take stand for anybody else, after all who wants to invest time, energy in it and most importantly ready to fight for somebody.

Reality is, people back off. No matter how much they say that they will stand by your side, but when time comes hardly anybody appears. Well, the matter is discrimination, and it needs to be eliminated in any way possible.

I have been noticing discrimination around, be it with that shy introvert girl at workplace or that dusty handsome guy, whom everybody teases because of his color. To be honest, I don’ find anything wrong in anybody. I believe everybody is beautiful, capable in a different way. People should understand this.

An incident took place recently which shook me to an extent that I couldn’t stand prevailing discrimination anymore. I have been taking stand for others, even strangers but this time I want to spread this case as much as possible. This is about my twin sister Divya Sharma, who is visually challenged. I have seen her putting her 200% in whatever she takes in her hands. Back in school, she was thrown out of school because of lack of awareness among authorities but she didn’t give up and today she is a holder of two degrees and a lot more. Those days, due to vision-related issue, she left her painting brush, shading pencil and canvas. Back then, she saw her dream of becoming a renowned artist dying. Why? Because, as told by doctor, it wasn’t healthy for her eyes. She was literally told to drop her dream of painting. I must confess she is a mind-blowing artist.

The pain, then, ignited fire in her, she was in flames but she collected her pieces and stood tall with passion and strength to face whatever comes in her way to milestones, strongly. It was the day she realized that she needs to give 200% to make this society seek her as a normal being. Since then, I have seen her graph touching skies.

Divya Sharma is a national award and state award recipient; an Rj and core member of an online radio run by visually challenged people; a motivational speaker; takes sessions in educational institutions to create awareness about disability among people so that nobody goes through what she went through in childhood; guitarist; knows various other musical instruments also; chess champion; amazing writer; Sr. content writer at a firm; and what not. You meet her once, and I assure you, you will be clean bowled.

She has another dream, a dream to achieve black belt in Karate and she has been working really hard for that. Having achieved 4-5 belts so far, she aims for black belt and putting in the needed efforts dedicatedly. She gave her coach the popularity by mentioning her name at different sessions she has taken in different schools, by spreading a word about her coach among the ones she meets and even recommended her for a job at a good place, but to her disappointment what she received was just discrimination. With time that coach gained the popularity she was seeking, got a lot more students but her monopoly reached to her head.

In the recent time, she and her brother have been treating my sister really bad. But, my sister Divya had been ignoring all such things because her aim of getting a black belt is all that matters to her. Today, things turned worst when her coach’s brother commented on her “disability”. They know about my sister’s case, they have been proud of her all this while, and in fact were charging my sister double for teaching her Karate but all that my sister received is humiliation, that too in public.

I came to know about this incident a couple of hours back, and it left me shattered. This is a case of sheer discrimination, and I would request you to spread this case as much as possible. It is heart breaking to see people discriminating others without realizing the consequences of their actions.

I have been taking stand against discrimination all this while but now I pledge to fight against discrimination. This is not at all acceptable.

Please, help me out spreading this case as much as possible. I request you all to drop in ways I could create awareness about discrimination and what steps I should take to make that coach bear the brunt of her actions.


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