Kissing Wounds!!


Pulling out some time out of her chaotic life,

She booked thy self for that room corner of hers…

Sitting on her comfy spongy couch,

She mused while stuffing in those calorie-packed chips…


In tune with her munching,

The musing traveled her to years gone…

Meeting those people from the past,

She realized the tax she paid by letting people come close,


Amid that zone of the bygones,

Every moment felt so fresh…

Pensive about how time passes,

She decided to add ‘life’ to her life…


Sprinkling positivity on the self,

She decided to marry herself…

Aware of the reality of life,

Marriage and all,

She learned marrying self is important before you marry somebody else….



And that sudden knock at the door,

Dropped her back to the present…

Astound by the long journey she covered,

She came out of the musing…


As she stood to open the door,

It was her heart and mind she found wide open…


Besides that, individual at door,

A positive outlook towards life also rolled in…

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